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As a Tampa Bay based family owned and operated company, our services go beyond pool maintenance. We pride ourselves on being an information source for pool technicians and homeowners across Tampa Bay. Visit our blog to learn more about your swimming pools chemistry and some of the most commonly asked questions about servicing your pool. If there's something we didn't touch on feel free to contact us with your questions and we'll gladly answer them for you!

How often should my pool filter be cleaned?

Your pool filter should be cleaned when the maximum PSI level is reached for your pool filtration element. In other words: Depending on your filters condition and the amount of debris found in your swimming pool, your filter will most likely require a bi-weekly cleaning during Tampa's summer months. During Tampa’s winter months your pool filter can be cleaned less frequently, but debris still needs to be regularly maintained.

Is a salt system better than a regular chlorine pool service?

Each swimming pool system requires different levels of pool maintenance and associated costs. One advantage of a salt system is that it needs less maintenance than a traditional chlorine filtration system. The salt system generates salt into chlorine, meaning it is unnecessary to chlorinate your pool on a weekly basis. Unfortunately for your pool, salt is also a corrosive element. Your pool’s salt cell will usually deteriorate every 3-4 years, increasing the overall pool maintenance costs. Salt systems also generate softer water, but are less energy efficient than chlorine s systems… be the judge!