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Weekly Full Pool Cleaning - Starting at $90 per month

Our full pool cleaning includes filter cleaning, tile and wall brushing, basket cleaning, vacuuming and pool netting. These services are performed on a weekly basis dependant on need. Weekly full pool cleanings are perfect for Tampa swimming pools without a protective covering or for pools that are subject to large amounts of debris.

Biweekly Split Pool Cleaning - Starting at $75 per month

Our biweekly pool cleaning includes filter cleaning, tile and wall brushing, basket cleaning, vacuuming and pool netting every other week. On the pools off week chemical checks are still performed to ensure your pool stays sparkling blue! This service is recommended for pools with a protective covering and completely functional pool equipment. This pool service is not available for pools with large amounts of debris or that may require extra pool maintenance time or chemicals.

Basic Weekly Pool Chemical Check – Starting at $ 55 per month

This type of pool service is most suitable for homeowners who have an automatic vacuum or who simply want extra help cleaning their pool. This pool service allows us to care for the technical aspects of cleaning your pool, while the homeowner takes care of the actual pool maintenance. Our chemical checks include chlorine residual, pH, and alkalinity on a weekly basis. Calcium hardness and stabilizer are also checked on a monthly basis. This service does not include tile brushing, wall brushing, vacuuming or netting. Chemicals can be very expensive purchased at a traditional pool cleaning store. Allow us to take care of the transporting and the balancing!

Pool Repairs

Simply Pools' repair technicians specialize in filter, plumbing, and pump pool repairs.  Common pool repairs include replacement of filter elements, plumbing leaks, and pool pump repairs.  No matter what the problem, our trained pool repair technicians will fix it right the first time for a competitive low price.

Weekly and Biweekly Pool Cleaning Services

Simply Pools is one of Tampa Bay’s top rated pool cleaning companies for a reason. We offer a wide variety of pool cleaning services to fit you and your pools needs. From salt water systems to fiber glass pools, our pool technicians have the knowledge and expertise needed to service any size or type of swimming pool. Call today for a FREE QUOTE! 813-374-5819

  • Weekly Pool Chemical Checks
  • Pool Repairs
  • Weekly Full Pool Cleaning
  • Bi-Weekly Split Pool Cleaning


Often times neglected or trouble pools need extra attention to get them up and running in a stable condition. Since the condition of your green pool can widely vary this service is quoted based on evaluation of your pool's status by a pool technician. Extremely green or black pools will often be subject to a one time cleaning fee. Both the condition of your pool and your pool’s equipment can effect turnaround time for one-time pool cleanings. The pump and filtration system must be running adequately to properly filter out the dead algae.


Although it's called a onetime cleaning, often times our deep pool cleaning treatments require visiting the pool more than once to get it sparkling blue and ready to use. This service includes all traditional pool cleaning methods, as well as equipment inspections and chemical applications. So open up those blinds and invite the neighbors back over. Let us give you a swimming pool to be proud of! Simply call (813) 374-5819 for your free quote!